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Scrap metal recycling around the house

Fancy a spring clean that’s friendly to the environment and great for your wallet? This month, Wilton Waste is here to share with you what to look for around the house in order to gain a pretty penny for your old scrap metal. Read on to learn where worth lies in your household recycling.   Scrap Metal in the Kitchen The kitchen is the number one place in the home where you will find metal scrap. From old iron/copper pans and stainless steel sinks and cutlery to the copper wires found in refrigerators and microwaves. Once broken down, these produce great…

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Coronavirus covid-19 update

As a family-run business, Wilton Recycling is committed to the health and wellbeing of all employees, customers and suppliers. In response to the COVID-19 health crisis and in line with recent restrictions announced by An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar on 27th March 2020, our facility in Kiffa, Crosserlough, will be closed for two weeks – as of the 28th March 2020. Services affected by this closure include our yard facility for the public to dispose of waste/scrap and our scrap collections. The published list of essential services that need to continue operating in the weeks ahead has identified waste collection, waste management…

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Top tips for sorting scrap metal for recycling

In our eco-conscious world, how do we approach the question of metal recycling? As a hardy material, metal won’t biodegrade like paper or card – however, it still has the chance for a second life, thanks to specialist recycling centres who will buy the metal from you.  Sorting scrap metal correctly into the different types will ensure that it is recycled efficiently, and as much of its worth is salvaged as possible. Plus, failure to do so could result in your metal being rejected for recycling.  In this article, we’ll explore exactly how to sort your scrap metal to get the…

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Wheelie Bin Guide

If you too want to look after the environment and do your bit responsibly and resourcefully, follow Wilton Waste’s Recycling guide to find how to dispose of different types of waste.    Waste disposal rules in Ireland  Food waste disposal House occupants, whether the homeowner or tenants have a few options when it comes to food waste disposal. They can either segregate food waste and place it in a separate collection, place it in the garden compost or take it to a food waste treatment centre.  Containers for waste disposal Wheelie bins offer a safe and efficient solution to everyday waste…

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Vehicle Recycling Guide

What happens with large items like vehicles once they have been written off and are sent for destruction? Wilton Waste have put together a comprehensive guide to the car recycling process, so you can see what happens to your old cars. We will explore the journey an end-of-life vehicle undergoes once a certificate of destruction has been issued.    What is vehicle recycling? Vehicle recycling is when a car is dismantled because it can no longer run or should no longer be used because they are so bad for the environment. As cars are huge objects and as there are so…

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Skip Hire Guide

By now, saving the planet should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind – after all, ensuring a bright future for our planet is crucial for all living things. This is why it’s vital to opt for ethical collection and disposal of waste, and hopefully this method will become the norm. For more information about skip hire and responsible waste management, read Wilton Waste’s comprehensive guide below.  Hiring a skip? Things to consider about skip hire… Choose the right company and order a skip – make sure the company you choose practices ethical waste disposal, this is likely to be mentioned…

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Household Waste By-Laws

New household by-laws are being put into place by your local authority, to motivate and ensure that everyone is actually doing their bit for the climate. These by-laws are enforced for the greater good, helping us to make that vital step towards improving the quality of recycled materials, reducing the amount of landfill waste with the vision to conserve the planet’s resources. This guide will explain all you need to know, so that you can hit the ground running and make your contribution a good one.  What’s a by-law? It is a law that has been established (in this case) by…

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How Much is Scrap Metal Worth? – Knowing Your Scrap Metal Prices

The price of scrap metal is in constant fluctuation, so you can’t always estimate how much money you’ll get for whatever scrap you’re planning to sell. That said, having an idea of the market and the factors that influence the price of scrap metal at any given time will help you build some reasonable expectations. This guide, while not representative of current scrap prices, will give you more insight into the changing value of scrap metal. Supply and demand A fundamental influence on the value of scrap metal is supply and demand; certain metals are in higher demand than others, some…

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