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Top tips for sorting scrap metal for recycling

In our eco-conscious world, how do we approach the question of metal recycling? As a hardy material, metal won’t biodegrade like paper or card – however, it still has the chance for a second life, thanks to specialist recycling centres who will buy the metal from you.  Sorting scrap metal correctly into the different types will ensure that it is recycled efficiently, and as much of its worth is salvaged as possible. Plus, failure to do so could result in your metal being rejected for recycling.  In this article, we’ll explore exactly how to sort your scrap metal to get the…

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How Much is Scrap Metal Worth? – Knowing Your Scrap Metal Prices

The price of scrap metal is in constant fluctuation, so you can’t always estimate how much money you’ll get for whatever scrap you’re planning to sell. That said, having an idea of the market and the factors that influence the price of scrap metal at any given time will help you build some reasonable expectations. This guide, while not representative of current scrap prices, will give you more insight into the changing value of scrap metal. Supply and demand A fundamental influence on the value of scrap metal is supply and demand; certain metals are in higher demand than others, some…

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An Introduction to Scrap Metal: Part 2 – Types of Scrap Metal and How to Identify Them

In part two of our introduction to scrap metal, we’re taking a look at the types of scrap metal which can be recycled, how they are classified and how you can identify them for yourself before you decide to have your scrap recycled. So let’s get started. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals There is one basic distinction to make between different scrap metals: they are either ferrous or non-ferrous. The difference between the two is quite simple:   Ferrous metals – contain iron and are magnetic. These metals will also contain small amounts of other metals and elements, and will offer little…

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An Introduction to Scrap Metal: Part 1

Metal is one of the most widely recycled materials in the world. It can be used and reused endlessly without ever degrading, and the scrap metal industry takes full advantage of this. Today, the scrap metal industry remains both lucrative and efficient, working at a local and global scale to help those in commercial and industrial sectors — as well as the general public — improve their own recycling rates. In this two-part series, we’re looking at the scrap metal industry as a whole, giving you an idea of its history, its benefits, how it works and its place in today’s…

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