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Wheelie Bin Guide

If you too want to look after the environment and do your bit responsibly and resourcefully, follow Wilton Waste’s Recycling guide to find how to dispose of different types of waste. 



Waste disposal rules in Ireland 

Food waste disposal

House occupants, whether the homeowner or tenants have a few options when it comes to food waste disposal. They can either segregate food waste and place it in a separate collection, place it in the garden compost or take it to a food waste treatment centre. 

Containers for waste disposal

Wheelie bins offer a safe and efficient solution to everyday waste management, these bins must be presented on the designated day and be left on the kerbside. For those who use bin bags, a pre-paid label must be attached to every individual bag – bags without a label will not be removed. These tags can be obtained from local shops.

Separation of waste for disposal

With the use of colour-coded containers waste separation is made easy. With brown bins for food, garden and compostable waste, green bins for recycling and black or grey bins for other waste, waste management is made easy. Your chosen waste collector can provide you with exactly what goes where – simply ask. 

Bulk waste disposal

For large quantities of waste that stems from moving, refurbishments or other, skip hire is the ideal option to ensure that your waste is responsibly managed. 

Recycling and composting disposal

Plenty of household waste can be recycled, which is why the local authorities put facilities in place to encourage better recycling.

Some waste collectors will assign coloured bins, such as green bins, black bins, red boxes etc to collect separated rubbish.



What can I put into my recycling bin?

  • Rigid plastics include items such as drink bottles, cleaning bottles, milk containers, shampoo bottles (all of which must be cleaned and dried)
  • Cardboard and paper includes items such as egg boxes, cereal boxes, brochures, letters, juice cartons
  • Tins and cans include items such as bean/soup cans and drink cans

How do I know what plastics to recycle?

Plastics are very difficult to identify but take a look at the back of the plastic packaging to see if there are any tell-tale symbols that can help you with your decision. Refer to this link to find out more about the symbols you may discover when recycling. 

What can I take to a recycling facility?

All items must be clean before taking to a recycling facility. You can take:

  • Glass bottles and jars – remove lids and caps, recycle separately
  • Paper (newspapers, books, paper, junk letters, old magazines, comics and cardboard)
  • Drinks cartons (milk and juice)
  • Aluminium cans
  • Plastic bottles
  • Food tins (including pet food)
  • Plastic, metal and aluminium bottle tops or lids
  • Textiles (washed clothes, bed linen and towels)
  • White goods (fridges, freezers, washing machines, tumble dryers, cookers and dishwashers)
  • Batteries

Hazardous waste disposal

Items such as bulbs, fluorescent tubes, polishes, bleaches and cleaners, weed killers and fertilisers can be taken to your local civic amenity centre. However, medicines such as pills and syringes must be taken to your pharmacy. For old mobile phones, laptops and other technology, you can either try to sell them for some extra cash or take them to a WEEE recycling facility.

Landfill disposal

Most household waste in Ireland will be disposed of in landfill sites.

The effects of putting the wrong items into the recycling bin

Attempting to recycle the wrong materials is more problematic than you may think. The wrong items may cause contamination, which means recyclable material may now need to go into landfill, or it requires separation and an unnecessary trip to landfill, which increases the carbon footprint.

Household waste disposal rates

Charges and payment methods for waste can vary, so check with your waste collector company to better understand their rates.

To dispose of recyclable waste for free, you can visit civic amenity centres. You may find that not all will be free, as some do charge a small fee for larger items such as mattresses, but if you’re at all unsure, call to find out. 

To dispose of landfill waste, you can expect to pay an entry charge for small cars and trailers but vans will be charged at a commercial rate.

Waste disposal and recycling facilities: where can I apply?

For help and advice or to apply for local waste disposal and recycling facilities, click here.

If you have any queries about waste management please call Wilton Waste Recycling – we’re here to help. We’re fully compliant and provide excellent services because we understand the importance of working together to ensure a brighter, environmentally-friendly future. We operate our wheelie bins services throughout, Cavan and the surrounding areas.


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